The age-old question of whether or not you should masturbate prior to a workout has reared its ugly head once again. You may have seen lots of answers to this question online if you spent a little bit of your time researching it.

As you can imagine, some people say it’s something you should avoid like the plague before working out. Others are completely indifferent to this fact. But really it comes down to two potential considerations, and depending on how you focus is going to be the best answer to meet your needs.

Both schools of thought are backed up by science to a degree. So we’ll look at the scientific method to get our answer.

After the information is presented to you, you can either pick up a jar of lube and a box of Kleenex and go to town or choose to go the other way. Only you can decide.

Chemicals & The Human Body

When people typically argue against masturbating prior to a workout, they do so because you’re actually lowering your testosterone levels before pumping iron. While there is truth to this statement, it actually doesn’t make a difference.

Your jizz isn’t made up of testosterone in case you don’t know this already. Once you finally climax, your testosterone will dip. But your body will produce more testosterone pretty quickly and the potential negatives to whacking off before working out barely equate to anything. If you have a proper exercise regimen and diet plan in place you’ll make up for it very easily.

But after pounding your pud, your body will release two chemicals that will have an effect on your workout and even change it. One chemical released is called prolactin and the other one is known as dopamine.

Your dopamine levels will drop after masturbating and your prolactin levels will rise. So, if jerking off makes you feel tired it’s happening because your dopamine levels take a hit.

The Potential Negatives of Jerking Off Prior to a Workout

As mentioned, one big potential problem area is that you may feel sluggish, tired, and in no mood to work out after you finally blow your load. You may find it tough to get through your whole workout and give up before you finish. For some people, this is obviously going to be a real problem so you need to keep it in mind.

Other guys aren’t going to have any trouble finishing their workout after they fill a tissue with banana juice. It’s not going to be a big deal one way or another because they have the right genetics.

So, if it makes you tired then avoid whacking off before a workout. If it doesn’t bother you, then feel free to do so if you want to.

Testing Is the Only Real Way to Know

Yes, it’s that simple. Before your next workout, masturbate and see what happens. If you feel like falling asleep or just sitting down and doing nothing, then this is a bad idea.

On the other hand, if you do not feel any noticeable changes, then you can have fun and pleasure yourself whenever you want before working out.

If you want someone else’s take on this topic, head on over to this link:

That’s basically what it comes down to. But really, you aren’t going to experience any major benefits by rubbing one out before workout so avoid it if it’s a problem.