Zoosk, Tinder, Grindr, and Her are just some of the top college hookup apps and sites you will hear people talking about. They have forever changed the dating culture of many students. Students no longer have to wait for college parties and social gatherings to plan hookups. They can do this from wherever they are using their mobile phones or laptops.

But these college hookup apps and sites have pros and cons for those who use them. Whether you have been using these apps for some time or are just beginning college and are planning to use online dating, it is worth knowing about these apps and software.

Pros of College Hookup Apps and Sites

Generally, we can say that online dating has changed things for the better. So, college hookup apps and sites have more pros than cons. The top reasons for using them include but are not limited to the following.

  •       Convenient – Anytime you want a hookup, you can easily find it using appropriate apps or websites. What more convenience could you want if you can make arrangements for a hookup from your mobile phone?
  •       Discreet – College hookup apps and sites allow users to plan as many hookups as possible without too much attention. Whether you are a gay, lesbian, or heterosexual who wants to have hookup fun discreetly while in college, this is the way to go.
  •       Free – Getting great service for free is rare. But many college hookup apps and sites offer their services for free, connecting you to thousands of people to hook up with. They also have tools such as video calls, chat options, and even blogs that you can also take advantage of. If you are still wondering, then you can get more information here to discover a lot more about these apps.

Cons of College Hookup Apps and Sites

Most things have two sides: a good one and a bad one. College hookup apps and sites also have another side. Here are the cons.

  •       Possibility of harassment – There have been many reported cases of cyber harassment on dating sites and apps. These college hookup apps and sites can be a source of trouble for many, especially newbies. But this can be prevented by taking all the necessary precautions.
  •       Can change your view of relationships – Hookups are all about having casual sexual encounters with different people. This behavior can change how you view relationships. For instance, it can result in a failure to accept commitments in relationships.
  •       Can expose you to sexually transmitted illnesses – Unless you take great care in using protection at all times, college hookup apps and sites can expose you to people with STIs. This risk is even greater if you get addicted to the habit of hookups. However, this should not stop you from enjoying hookups as long as you take all the necessary care especially when drinking alcohol.


Well, college hookup apps and sites are good overall as they have pros that will interest any student. But they also have some cons that you can only avoid when you take the necessary precautions. Now that you know them, it is time to enjoy your hookups.