So, while I’m not the wealthiest guy in the world, I do have a few bucks because I earn money here and there from various business ventures I’ve been fortunate enough to own and operate for some years.

finding a date

Finding a match can be easy if you have some cash.

While I’m not the “sugar daddy” – nor old – I do have experience in dating women of a younger age who are looking for some handouts.  Today I’ll recap what I’m talking about and explain a bit further for those following along at home.

Sugar daddy dating sites cater to people who are looking for something slightly different than the average person who registers on a dating site. These sites cater to slightly aged but wealthy men who want a young, attractive female to answer to all their sexual whims in exchange for money or access to a certain type of lifestyle.

These websites usually have a proper financial clause attached to them which means that if you are a man, you cannot register unless you fall into a certain income bracket. Without that you cannot be sugar daddy even if you are interested in online dating or sexual relationships for money. These sites have various tools which they employ to check whether their members earn a certain amount of money or not.

This is a site which is one of the first few to market this phenomenon and practice and create a safe platform for people to connect with each other for the purpose of sex for money. This website has gained a lot of publicity and has even been mentioned on the program ‘Dr.Phil’. The entire layout of the site is very sophisticated which makes it a joy to use and easy to navigate. For a mere $30 a month you can enjoy a premium membership. Hooking up has never been this easy or effortless.

This is a site for the ladies who are looking for some action. With a gorgeous red and white user interface, it boasts that it can get you arrangements which are on your own terms. Mutually beneficial arrangements are also advertised here. The only catch is that not everyone is allowed to be a member on this site. You need to put in a fair degree of effort in order to be worthy.

They won’t admit you to apply for a membership even if you belong to certain, specified blacklisted country so bear that in mind. They are also very particular about profiles which have not been completed and which do not have display photos and both of these actions are enough to get you kicked off permanently.

Whenever you are choosing to make an account, you should opt for sites which have a fair degree of exclusivity. This just means you won’t get scammed or victimized through fraud. These sites will be able to check up on their members which just means increased safety for you.

Now that you know where my head is at with this sugar daddy dating, I’m going to update you next time with my best dating advice.  Stay tuned!