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Dealing With Marriage Proposal Rejection

So I had a friend of mine be turned down (poor guy, right?) and it’s taking a toll on him. 

Naturally curious, I started researching this topic on how to deal with being rejected.  Please share this with anyone you feel may have an interest in reading.

How to Deal With Rejection

Your marriage proposal has just been rejected and it feels like the world is crashing down around your head. You have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and you wish you could just bury your head in the sand and forget about life for a while.  Your stuck with a precious wedding ring that you have no use for.  Ugh….

Some guys handle rejection really bad and go on a six-month bender as they drown their sorrows in alcohol. Others have a tendency to become sad sacks and miserable human beings that nobody wants to be around. You are going to be different because you’re going to realize that the rejection is not your fault, you will overcome it with time, and you’ll get over it faster than ever when you use the tips we’re about to share with you today.

Was There a Lack of Trust in Your Relationship?

Even though you may love this person and really want to marry her, it may not be possible because of a lack of trust in your relationship. Maybe you cheated on her at some point in the past and she’s afraid you’re going to end up cheating on her again after you tie the knot. This can create a major hurdle in your relationship and the only way you’ll get over it is if you can restore the trust somehow.

Ask your significant other why they rejected you. If it has something to do with a lack of trust in the relationship, talk to her and ask her why she doesn’t trust you anymore. If you find out that she hasn’t trusted you in a long time, you may not be able to overcome this major relationship snafu. But at the same time, it’s definitely worth exploring if you really care about this person and want to marry them.


Don’t let being rejected keep you down.

Some people go to therapy to try to restore trust in a relationship. It might be worth it to explore this option if the person rejects your proposal but doesn’t reject dating you altogether. So find out about potentially seeing a therapist or other ways you can go about rebuilding trust in the relationship.

Avoid Social Media at All Costs after Your Marriage Proposal Is Rejected

At the end of the day, social media could be a real killer after your marriage proposal has been turned down. It’s eventually going to spread through social media like wildfire and people in your immediate circle are going to be talking about it online, so avoid places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and every other social media site you normally hang out on like the plague.

If you’re like most people and spend lots of time on social media sites each day, you need to start thinking about developing new hobbies. Maybe start playing more video games online to take your mind off of things, or sit down and binge watch a bunch of TV shows on Netflix that you’ve been putting off. Just avoid social media for the time being until the hype surrounding your rejection dies down.


By using these tips, you’ll have an easier time handling marriage proposal rejection. They will help you overcome this issue a lot faster so give them a try.

The Rising Trend of Deviant Dating Online : UberHorny Review

I’m pretty in tune with what goes on on the Internet.  Mostly because I keep up with a lot of fellow bloggers and am in touch with what happens online.  I took this course and learned how to survey what’s going on in the social media world so I know where to look for news.

Also, I’ve dated online enough to learn about sugar daddy dating, and today I’m going to share my information about something they call “fling dating.”

Dating For Promiscuous People

My friend does content for this website that talks about apps you can download and find horny people.  He told me his most popular review is the Fling.com review, followed by fuckbook.  But today, we’re going to turn to a website that just launched.  It’s called Uber Horny.

online dating

Thinking about getting online and looking for a date.

Newer websites are always subject to speculation because in the dating world especially online it is very hard to find a site you can trust. Countless websites are alleged scams even though they seem authentic. However Uberhorny cuts through all the formalities and gives you horny women without wasting any time. With its advanced search methods and communication tools, there is no way that you will not succeed.

A Review of UberHorny.com

Communication Tools

This site will quite literally put you on the map so that you will receive invitations for sex even without contacting anyone or making a gigantic effort to create an impressive profile. This is largely because this is an internet community of like-minded people and the website interface has made it easier for everyone to get what they want and to get it quickly.

There are a variety of messaging mediums available such as text and instant chat and you can also call once you have established a connection with someone or any number of people. Webcam chatting is also enabled and the website operators work around the clock to keep the servers up and to prevent viruses or spam from getting through. They are also very cooperative if you register any complaints.


The search system is very advanced and comprehensive which means that there are marked categories and it is easy to find people with similar sexual interests as you. The network has grown by the thousands because word of mouth has gone around and really made this site an overnight success story because of its quick results. You can also upgrade (you will have to pay a bit more money) for even quicker results.


The website is being rampaged with all sorts of members so there really isn’t a question of picking and choosing. This may mean that you might be disappointed the first few times especially if the girls are not as good looking as you had wanted. But if that does not bother you personally, you will indeed have a lot of luck.

The other thing which is lacking is a blog or running commentary which can enable you to navigate the website better and to be able to figure out what makes you tick and what your desires are. There are galleries to browse through but they cannot compare to the more established dating sites so you will find you need to make special efforts to attract the kind of girls you are interested in.

Where I Go To Look for Product Reviews for Men

Some genius came up with the idea of creating a website “ThingsMenBuy” that has reviews on many different products of cool stuff for guys. They manage to add a humorous description to seemingly every product. This website links you to some of the best product reviews that you have never come across. They feature a lot of tech products but they also have plenty of other generally cool stuff for guys. Before buying a product, people usually check its reviews online on websites such as Amazon and EBay while most of the other stores offer the option to leave review after using the product. ThingsMenBuy is great website for people looking to buy things online from the comfort of their home.

My Take on “ThingsMenBuy.com”

First, just watch how in depth they get with product reviews by watching this quick video from their YouTube Channel.

The guys on the website that review products have shared their personal profile with the customers, so the customers can have an idea of the mindset of the reviewers and about their nature and preferences. You also have the ability to connect with the authors on social networking sites if you feel like emailing on the site might prone your address to spam mail.

ThingsMenBuy is a fairly established website this is because of the fact that the reviewers are able to respond to any significant changes dynamically as they are few in number and also because of the fact that they stick to the core competences that the business is built upon. Any reviews that you will find in this website are definitely real and are reviewed after buying or getting to use the product.

ThingsMenBuy has heartfelt and genuinely written reviews, since the whole purpose of the website is to provide reviews that collaborates with the authors and has a voice behind. However, the reviewers are open to any criticism as their main mission is to provide a satisfying and one stop shop for every men need, with a review that has some voice behind it.

The best thing about ThingsMenBuy is not only they tell you about new great products but provide amazing guides on how to buy and use that product. They focus on nine main categories, including, Clothing and apparel, technology, health, finance, sports, hobbies, toys and books. The website also offers reviews for nearly all the products that are listed on their virtual premises. You can be ensured of the facts that any products that have indeed been reviewed will be reviewed in full and not just partly

The Narco’s Take to Social Media?

So, I learned the power of spreading messages and getting clicks after checking out a course on the topic of getting more people to your website.  It was called AffiliateU.com Affiliate Marketing course.  Pretty good material in there.  I’m trying to “get edgy” with my blogging in the hopes that I can get more clicks here and you know, maybe turn a profit one day!

Check out the Promo Video for the Course – It’s Pretty Funny and Innovative

Today I’m going to talk about something very controversial, something that is getting a lot of run on social media.  And that, my friends, is the #narcos of Mexico and their relentless pushing of their lavish lifestyles on social media. 

All Eyes on the “Narco Lifestyle” Thanks to Social Media

When I read about the crazy social media battle going on in Mexico in the DailyMail, I had mixed emotions. In all honesty, one side of me loves to be entertained by the lavish lifestyle featuring scantily clad beautiful women, rare animals, and gold plated guns. It’s intriguing to see just how far some people have made it financially in life to be able to have luxuries some people only see in movies based on fiction.

Narcos on Social Media

My favorite photo from the Daily Mail story.

The parenting side of me has a bit of outrage at how a lifestyle that’s obviously frowned upon is becoming a trending topic thanks in part to social media.

While it’s not a proven fact, the social media account that is glamorizing the Cartel member’s lifestyle is thought to be the children of “El Chapo” Guzman.

If you want to do some searching for just how virall this lifestyle has gone, simply search for #narcostyle, or simply #narcos. You’ll find plenty of content to keep yourself busy that will range from people praising their financial success to many comments of dissent and expressing hatred.

In the social media circuit, there really is no stopping the spreading of photos that highlight the perks of the narco lifestyle. When a gold plated AK-47 is photographed inside a Ferrari, it’s something we just don’t see every day. “Likes, retweets, and shares,” happen instantaneously.

One photo even shows famous American icon Paris Hilton among the fold with El Chapo’s son Joaquin.

But it doesn’t stop there. There are many photos of well-equipped known associates showing off the most powerful weapons known to man., even more powerful than arms owned by the Mexican military. Criminal activity such as shot up police vehicles are also posted on social media.

In the United States, imagine all the comments professional athletes on social media would get if they started highlighting their lives. Sure, there are men out there who post photos of their celebrity girlfriends, their yachts, cars, and other material items, but guns and police violence have never entered the fray.

To put the magnitude of this in perspective, imagine the public reaction if a well paid lawyer, fresh off a controversial victory in the court room, were to post celebratory photos of himself with similar signs of wealth?

Whether you enjoy the glamorizing of the narco lifestyle, or are disgusted by it, this is certainly one time in our society where social media is NOT helping the situation. Instead, it’s giving further life to the operations and acting as a free recruiting board to any narco organization looking for supporters.

What is a Short Sale in Real Estate?

So my friend became a short sale expert in Miami.  He literally buys people’s homes when they owe more money on them than they have in equity.  I’ve always wanted to emulate his success, but I didn’t even know what a short sale was!

So, I sat down with Antonio Lopez of Antlop Investment Properties and learned about it.  Pretty neat stuff actually.  This is something I could really get my mind around and try to make a career out of.

Definition of a Short Sale

A short sale is when a lender which is typically a bank allows the loan taker to give a smaller and discounted amount back after he or she has already defaulted on payments. The bank accepts a smaller amount by the first loan taker himself or from a buyer from the real estate market.

Even though on the outside it may seem that the bank is incurring a loss, they are actually saving themselves from a lengthy foreclosure process.

The bank or the lender which can be a financial institution will actually prefer a short sale since foreclosures look like failures on their accounting books and they will want to avoid such entries. However the homeowner does need written consent from the lender in order to start any kind of proceedings like this.

The homeowner can approach the lender at any point before the formal foreclosure starts. It is best to go to the lender directly before a notice is issued regarding loan default. The homeowner must write a letter regarding his or her hardships and must elaborate on them in detail.

This will serve as an official document which will be a prelude to the lender giving permission for the short sale to be handled by a real estate agent.

Particular real estate agents make it a point to specialize in short sales because the process is often a little more complicated and tricky than regular real estate deals. Real estate investors also take an interest in short sales because it offers them an opportunity to make a quick buck by buying a house or apartment for less than it is worth or less than what the market price is.

Investors prefer to even put their money in houses that require a significant fixer upper because the asking price and the market price are not the same. It can prove to be a good deal even after money for repairs has been taken out. The reverse can also happen as the house can go for more than it is worth especially if the buyers responds well to marketing tactics and does not read the market analysis of that location.

Essentially the short sale is a discount and for a homeowner who can no longer meet mortgage payments, it can be an attractive offer when compared with eviction and being homeless. It also gives the homeowner back a small measure of control.

What Can You Get From Healthcare?


Nowadays it is very expensive to have yourself checked up by the doctor. By the time you get yourself checked there goes your money and medicines and care is needed in order for you to get healed. The best thing to do is to stay healthy and avoid the things that make you sick. But there are really things that you cannot afford to get rid of. Having healthcare is the most important weapon in your health. Healthcare is the treatment , diagnosis and the prevention of physical and mental illness.

Everybody needs this, if you are working or not you should be able to obtain a healthcare for yourself and your family. This really is helpful in times you need it the most. It refers to public health , tertiary, secondary and primary healthcare. You can use this wherever you go and whatever countries you are into. This is really beneficial to all. But there are countries that differs in some plan, but the most important of all is that you get protected and can enjoy the benfits.

One may not know that getting healthcare has a lot of benefits. That is why when one is employed then they are encouraged to get healthcare to enjoy the benefits. One can save a lot of from check-up, medicines and laboratories. Even when you are hospitalized , there are rules of exemption. So, everybody is encouraged to have healthcare and experienced of being worry free during sick times. Here are some of the benefits of which one can obtain from having healthcare.

  1. apple-heart-healthOutpatient services. This is the time when there are emergency cases and there is no need for you to be admitted in a hospital. Another name for this is outpatient care.
  2. Being hospitalized like in surgery or any major operation
  3. Emergency services
  4. Psychotherphy and counselling or mental disorders
  5. Maternity having pre natal and post natalcheck up.
  6. Pregnancy
  7. Newborn care – this is the care before and after birth of baby
  8. Laboratory services
  9. Prescription drugs
  10. Rehabilitation service and devices needed for mental and physical disabilities
  11. Pediatric services suchs as dental check up and annual check up of children
  12. Annual health check-up.
  13. Immunization of babies and children.
  14. Chronic disease management, preventive and wellness services
  15. Breasfeedingbenefits ,equipments, benefits and counselling. These are provided before and after the baby is born.
  16. Birth control – using og of contraceptives and counselling are part of the benefits that are included in health care.
  17. Dental plan with the health care or a standalone plan

Protect your health

Getting a healthcare, may cost you money but this is an investment one could give oneself. Since you can never forsee the medical needs combined with costs, thus this will give you a huge amount of medical bills. Having a healthcare can truly reduce your medical expense. Having a staggard kind of payment in your healthcare plan, you will never know how much you spend into this, but surely you will be glad that you paid for this since this will be most helpful in times of sudden medical conditions. You can also use this for yearly check ups and preventive care services and health screenings.  So, be sure to protect your health and be confident you are living a healthy lifestyle.

Having healthcare makes one person enjoy the benefits without worrying to much of the amount. Since everything is well taken care of. That is why healthcare is always provided and offered to people who do not know anything about health programs. How about you , do you already have healthcare?

My Experience With Sugar Daddy Dating

So, while I’m not the wealthiest guy in the world, I do have a few bucks because I earn money here and there from various business ventures I’ve been fortunate enough to own and operate for some years.

finding a date

Finding a match can be easy if you have some cash.

While I’m not the “sugar daddy” – nor old – I do have experience in dating women of a younger age who are looking for some handouts.  Today I’ll recap what I’m talking about and explain a bit further for those following along at home.

Sugar daddy dating sites cater to people who are looking for something slightly different than the average person who registers on a dating site. These sites cater to slightly aged but wealthy men who want a young, attractive female to answer to all their sexual whims in exchange for money or access to a certain type of lifestyle.

These websites usually have a proper financial clause attached to them which means that if you are a man, you cannot register unless you fall into a certain income bracket. Without that you cannot be sugar daddy even if you are interested in online dating or sexual relationships for money. These sites have various tools which they employ to check whether their members earn a certain amount of money or not.


This is a site which is one of the first few to market this phenomenon and practice and create a safe platform for people to connect with each other for the purpose of sex for money. This website has gained a lot of publicity and has even been mentioned on the program ‘Dr.Phil’. The entire layout of the site is very sophisticated which makes it a joy to use and easy to navigate. For a mere $30 a month you can enjoy a premium membership. Hooking up has never been this easy or effortless.


This is a site for the ladies who are looking for some action. With a gorgeous red and white user interface, it boasts that it can get you arrangements which are on your own terms. Mutually beneficial arrangements are also advertised here. The only catch is that not everyone is allowed to be a member on this site. You need to put in a fair degree of effort in order to be worthy.

They won’t admit you to apply for a membership even if you belong to certain, specified blacklisted country so bear that in mind. They are also very particular about profiles which have not been completed and which do not have display photos and both of these actions are enough to get you kicked off permanently.

Whenever you are choosing to make an account, you should opt for sites which have a fair degree of exclusivity. This just means you won’t get scammed or victimized through fraud. These sites will be able to check up on their members which just means increased safety for you.

Now that you know where my head is at with this sugar daddy dating, I’m going to update you next time with my best dating advice.  Stay tuned!